Nov 11, 2019

S2 - Ep12: Liverpool vs Man City Review, Chris Wilder Wonderland, Race For Top Four & Emery Out

This week Jamie, Al & Christy discuss:

Liverpool vs Manchester City: How important was the non-penalty decision? Was it or wasn't it a penalty? How do you stop Liverpool's full backs? Credit for Liverpool's midfielders tactical awareness, Manchester City's "injuries" & Pep's tantrum's 

Chris Wilder: Why is he so effective at Sheffield United and what do managers like him & Sean Dyche has to do to get a top job?

Race for Top Four: Are Leicester City & Chelsea now favourites?

Emery To Stay (for now): Arsenal's vote of confidence for their under fire manager 

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Nov 5, 2019

S2 - Ep11: Liverpool’s Winning Mentality, Pep’s Mind Games, Son’s Red Card, VAR Corruption & Jose to Arsenal?

This week Jamie, Al & Christy discuss:

Liverpool's winning mentality - are the late goals down to luck or something more & what effect do the late goals have on Manchester City?

Are mind games between managers necessary or has Pep done himself a disservice with his comments on Mané?

Just how bad is Martin Atkinson and who are the worst ref's they've had?

Should Son have been shown a red card for his tackle on Gomes plus, is VAR open to corruption?

And finally, is Jose Mourinho just what Arsenal need or a step in the wrong direction?

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Oct 28, 2019

S2 - Ep 10: Word Association Game, Xhaka’s Tantrum, Media’s Kane Bias, Dyche for Everton & Fixing VAR

After a couple of weeks off Jamie, Al & Christy are back to discuss all the big stories in the world of football. To kick things off, Jamie welcomed the boys back with a word association game which threw up some interesting answers….

For the first topic of the week we were sent a question sent by Shaun Lewis who wanted to know the lads thoughts on Granit Xhaka’s reaction towards the Arsenal fans after they abused him as he was substituted off, the lads also discussed have Arsenal progressed under Unai Emery and he he to blame for Xhaka’s issues at the club?

Next up the lads talk about the Liverpool Spurs game. Why have Spurs regressed? Do commentators treat Kane and other English players differently when it comes to diving and Jamie has a rant about Martin Tyler & Gary Neville’s hatred of Liverpool

The lads discuss Everton’s struggles under Marco Silva with Al recommending the Blues to go for Sean Dyche over David Moyes as their next manager.

They talk about James Maddison’s recent trip to the casino and tells us what rules have been broken in squads they’ve played for or managed over the years.

Finally, we couldn’t let the podcast go without mentioning VAR with Al giving us his unique approach to fixing the current issues….

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Oct 7, 2019

S2 - Ep9: New Job Offers, Manchester City Exposed, Title Talk Nonsense & “Inviting Contact” vs “Diving”

Jamie, Al & Christy are back to talk through an eventful weekend in the Premier League plus, Christy tells the lads about two job offers that have come his way over the last week & what he's going to do next.

With champions Manchester City losing to Wolves in shocking fashion the lads debate the impact of losing the leadership qualities of Kompany plus, the recovery pace & distribution of Laporte.

Title challengers Liverpool left it very late to find a winner against a strong Leicester City side after Sadio Mané was awarded a controversial penalty to seal the win. The lads discuss whether they felt it was a penalty and why some people in the media claim certain players "inviting contact", whilst other players and accused of "diving". Plus, the nonsense of some pundits claiming the title race is over in October?

This week's podcast is shorter than normal due to some technical difficulties - we had planned to discuss Manchester United & Everton's struggles but we might have to leave it for this week :) 

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Sep 30, 2019

S2 - Ep8: Brendan Rodgers, Dangerous Tackles, Throwing Players Under The Bus And Does Pep Need To Win Champions League?

The lads are back to discuss the week's events in the football world.

Is the criticism Brendan Rodgers gets from some fans unfair and how good of a coach is he?

Off the back of Issac Hayden's red card for Newcastle they share stories of their worst tackles and discuss what should be a red card in today's game?

After Dean Henderson's error for Sheffield United what will Chris Wilder publicly questioning the player do for his confidence and is throwing players under the bus ever the right thing to do?

Does Pep Guardiola need to win the Champions League at Manchester City given the money he's spent and has Manchester City's handling of Bernardo Silva's tweets been acceptable?

Finally, the lads discuss what is realistic expectations for fans of clubs outside of the top 6?

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Sep 23, 2019

S2 - Ep 7: VAR Nonsense, Spurs & Man United’s Struggles, Arsenal Stuttering Under Emery & The Race For The Sack

Jamie, Alan and Christie are back to discuss the weekly goings on in the world of football. Of course, VAR is still dominating the news and Al can't wait to tell us how much he hates it.... 

The lads discuss it's implementation for offsides and penalties with Jamie admitting to "buying contact" in his game at the weekend.

With Manchester United and Spurs both struggling, what needs to happen to improve both clubs fortunes? Why has Dele Alli regressed and will both managers see out the rest of the season?

Christy discusses his  beloved Arsenal and whether they have progressed under Unai Emery

Finally, the lads have some harsh words for Watford after their defeat at Manchester City plus, they make their predictions for the top four and the managers race for the sack....

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Sep 9, 2019

S2 - Ep6: International vs Club Football, Player Agents & The Premier League’s Best Ever Players

With it being an International week Jamie, Al and Christy discuss whether International football is losing it's relevance compared to the Premier & Champions League?

With Premier League Clubs paying £211m to player agents in 2018, the lads talk about their experiences with agents and just how involved are the players in their own transfers? 

Finally, the lads answer questions from listeners who asked who are the best 3 players in Premier League history in each position plus, who were the most talented young players the lads ever played against?

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Aug 26, 2019

S2 - Ep5: Liverpool vs Arsenal Review, Have Spurs Gone Stale? What Next For Manchester United? Plus, Bury & Bolton In Turmoil

With Christy away on international duty with US national team, Jamie & Alan are left to review the Liverpool vs Arsenal game. They discuss Emery's naive tactics, Pepe's impressive full debut, they . throw some shade at Gary Neville & Martin Tyler, plus ask is Mo Salah underrated?

After a poor result for Spurs against Newcastle, the lads debate whether Spurs have gone stale and mention the dreaded VAR word in relation the Harry Kane's penalty claim. 

With Manchester United dropping 3 points at home to Crystal Palace the lads take a look at what could be next for United? Do they need change at both board and management level? Are they suffering as a result of the big contracts they've given out? 

Finally, with the sad news that Bolton and Bury risk being put out of business, the lads discuss whether top clubs should be doing more to help the lower league clubs in their areas?

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Aug 19, 2019

S2 - Ep4: VAR Strikes Again, Making Mistakes On The Pitch, Maddison Lights Up The Bridge & Coutinho: What Went Wrong?

VAR caused more controversy at the weekend in the Manchester City vs Spurs game. The lads debate was the decision correct and is VAR or the new handball rule to blame? 

With Liverpool having to play extra time on Wednesday then, travel home and play Southampton on Saturday what effect can that have on performance and with Adrians howler, the lads tells us what have been the worst mistakes they've ever made on the pitch.

James Maddison was the stand our for Leicester City again at Stamford bridge, the lads give their thoughts on him as a player as where he could potentially move to next. 

With Philippe Coutinho finalising a move to Bayern Munich the lads discuss where it all went wrong for him and why does it not work out for some players when moving to the likes of Barcelona. 

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Aug 12, 2019

S2 - Ep3: Is VAR Killing Football? How To Stop Manchester City & Their Love of Tactical Fouls? Plus, Is Paul Pogba Worthy of the Hype?

With the Premier League season finally underway Alan is back to join Jamie & Christy to discuss all the main talking points from the weekends football. 

First up, they have a heated debate on whether VAR is sucking the emotion out of football and killing the game?

They discuss the brilliance of Manchester City, their love of tactical fouls and just how should teams set up to try and beat them?

Next up, they talk about yesterday's Manchester United vs Chelsea match and in particular, is Paul Pogba worthy of the hype or is he simply a show pony and can Harry Maguire be the leader they so much crave?

Plus, do newly promoted sides have to change the way they play when coming up to the Premier League?

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